3 Problems Communications Pros Need To Solve

Internal communications is undergoing an evolution. Mobile and social technologies have taken hold of the way we communicate in our everyday lives. Therefore, companies are being forced to follow suit in order to engage their employees with relevant and personalized company news. It’s no longer ok as a communications professional to rely on company wide email blasts and posters in the break room to inform your employees. Like consumers, they are now demanding a more sophisticated approach if you want to grab their attention.

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The Internal Communications Challenge

We live in a world where communication channels often feel like they’re running our lives. Fatigue takes over and it comes at a cost - your employees stop reading company content and become less informed, less engaged, and ultimately less productive.

The Non-Mobile Intranet Challenge

Companies spend over $100 billion annually on content creation - but how much of it is getting in front of employees? What kind of information is being missed in lengthy email threads and the depths of an outdated intranet?

The Company News Challenge

So often employees are bombarded with messages that it becomes impossible for them to decipher what is most important. Critical information is buried below the pile of calendar events, announcements and other internal messages. This is no way to engage and build a united workforce.

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