Jump Into Employee Advocacy

Channel the passion and knowledge of your employees to amplify your brand’s goals.

Imagine all of the employees in your company sending out positive messages and attracting new customers. Every day, employees are singing the praises of your brand: generating referrals, recruiting great hires, and effectively messaging your brand’s goals.

What if your company’s most engaged employees - the ones as committed to your brand’s success as you are - were also on the front line of your marketing efforts? What if they were reaching out to their social networks and spreading your brand’s message, organically and exponentially? Sound far-fetched? It really isn’t.

Employee Advocacy is about channeling the passion and knowledge of employees so they can reach out to their social networks and amplify your brand’s goals. It’s a low risk, cost effective approach to overcome marketing constraints that can drive leads, revenue, and profitability for your company.


When you provide employees with a brand advocacy solution, you create concentric circles of trust: your employees trust you, their social networks trust them, so your company’s message is authentically reaching new people. You already have invested tremendous resources in your employees: partner with them by recognizing and rewarding those who are most active in helping your company succeed.

Employee Advocacy can have tremendous impact across many parts of an organization, be it lead generation for sales, reaching more customers for marketing or simply sharing that your company has made the top 100 places to work, which HR would appreciate. For every 1,000 employees, companies can easily gain over one million dollars in earned media value, $500,000 in recruiting cost savings and millions in incremental sales per year.

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