Reinventing Company Communications

How to Create Conversations That Drive Business Objectives

Building a results-driven brand doesn't happen within a silo, but instead as an equal partnership between employees, company leadership and customers. There isn't a simple solution for getting employees involved with driving business objectives, but instead a step-by-step framework and cultural shift that encourages employees to communicate over time and build a connection with the organization’s values and goals.

Ongoing conversations between employees and leadership can help articulate your company’s objectives both internally and externally, which is why it is important to develop new programs and policies, as well as update existing ones, to emphasize communication. Once encouraging conversation amongst employees is made a priority and each stakeholder is aligned on the strategy, this corporate dialogue can positively impact the organization’s outcomes in the long-term.

Read this eBook to learn how to create employee-driven conversations that support company objectives by:

  • Sharing an organization’s key values
  • Reframing the existing company culture around communications programs
  • Developing policies that foster employee communication
  • Supplying employees with the right tools to spur dialogue and increase productivity

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A renewed focus on corporate branding is an investment in your company’s future, as a valuable brand is essential for long-term growth and profitability. According to the Economist, brands account for more than 30% of the stock market value of companies in the S&P 500 index.

Yet, brand alignment amongst employees is ignored by company leadership as their contribution to business objectives is often an afterthought. To put it simply: Employees aren’t aware of key business objectives and this is stunting your organization’s growth.

Employees should be a company’s first line of communication when shaping the corporate conversation as they have 10 times the reach their employer has on average (Fast Company). A brand is fueled by what employees say about the company, based on how they feel, what information they are given access to, news shared with them and more.

Facilitating conversations between the C-Suite and employees, amongst employees and across departments can empower an entire workforce to work together on the ongoing positioning of a brand to achieve its objectives.

Ongoing discussions with employees about company objectives is the first step in understanding and executing against those goals. Investing in thriving employee communications drives the right impression of a brand internally and externally, enhancing the company’s reputation as a majority of survey respondents trust employees over CEO’s by 52% (Edelman).

Taking an active part in creating an employee-driven communication plan can build trust over time that the organization is genuinely interested in having employees be active partners in developing your brand.

Building trust is important as only 46% of employees surveyed have ‘a great deal of trust’ in their employers, while 15% have ‘very little trust’ or ‘no trust at all’ and the other 39% have some trust in their employers (Harvard Business Review).

There’s no way to control the entire process of how a brand is viewed as it’s a shared framework between the employer, employees, customers and other key stakeholders. To begin influencing the corporate conversation, start by articulating the key values of the enterprise across employee groups.

With a stronger direction as to the purpose and values of an enterprise, help employees continue to shape what the corporate culture looks like by investing in employee focused programming and communication policies.

Lastly, equip employees with the proper tools to communicate across mobile, live chat, social media and more to improve productivity and foster dialogue amongst employees and between employees and leadership.

In this eBook, you’ll learn the process for shaping the conversations employees are having to best achieve your organization leading objectives.

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