Why Companies Must Embrace Mobile to Better Inform Their Workforce

Reimagining Employee Communications for the Digital Age

This may come as a surprise, but your employees are not properly informed. They simply are not up to date on news, product announcements, or your company’s current initiatives and strategy. This presents a very big problem for today’s communications professionals. After all, it’s very difficult for employees to be engaged at work if they are feeling out of the loop.

A recent global survey by Gallup found that less than one-third of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs, with millennials as the least engaged group, at 28.9%.

As more and more millennials enter the workforce it is critical to connect with them on their terms. That means your communications must be mobile, social, and easy to receive and digest.

Sounds easy enough, but transforming from age old communications methods to a more modern and up to date approach can present challenges, even for the savviest communications pro. It is time to think beyond the company newsletter, the intranet, and email. If you want to attract and retain the best talent for the future of your company you must evolve the ways in which you communicate and engage with your peers.

Companies that adapt to a more mobile centric communications strategy will see a significant impact on their business. Employees will be more engaged, happier at work, and produce better results. This means your business will grow faster, generating more sales and revenue.

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Did you know 87% of employees today typically receive company information via email, intranet, or in-person? (Mindshare NA)

The disconnect between the way we consume information for our jobs versus our personal lives is staggering. When you want the latest news on your company you might email a colleague, browse a few channels on Slack, or search the intranet. But, if you’re looking for news in general you reach into your pocket, open an app, and see what’s trending in your feed.

60% of american adults get their news primarily from social media, with 18% of them doing so often (Pew Research Center). It has become second nature to look to social media, on your mobile device, for the most up to date news on politics, sports, entertainment, and your community.

This behavior, which millennials were born into, is much more than a trend. Today, and moving forward, it is the norm. This is why companies must adapt their approach to communications to sync with the way today’s employees interact in their personal lives. If you want your workforce to feel comfortable in their roles, excited to do their jobs, and engaged on a daily basis you have to speak their language.

Information simply gets lost when it is deposited in your inbox or the intranet. These legacy platforms do not provide a good mobile experience and aren’t connected socially like the other apps we are accustomed to. Therefore, adoption to them is decreasing at a drastic rate. Prescient Digital Media reports that only 13% of employees even visit the intranet, while 30% ignore their employer’s emails.

These trends are alarming for communications professionals who are evaluated on their ability to keep their workforce informed and engaged.

Did you know 53% of employees said a single platform/application which consolidates company info and news would make it easier for them to receive content. (Mindshare NA)

A recent report by Research Now found that the average smartphone user launches apps an average of 15 times a day and consistently uses more than 18 different apps per month. We spend a staggering 3 hours of every single day on our mobile devices consuming these apps (eMarketer).

If your goal as a communications professional is to better inform your employees then the answer is clear. You need real estate on those devices, in the form of an app. The best part is, your employees agree. More than half the employees surveyed by Mindshare NA acknowledged that an app that consolidates company news would indeed make their lives easier. That’s what you want. When an employee enjoys their job and appreciates the tools they’ve been given they will work harder, and stay around longer.

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